Blaze is a delightful pup, calm and affectionate for the most part, and catches on quickly to new things we are learning. He is very enthusiastic about some shaping exercises we are doing – putting his head into a cone, and putting his front feet up on a perch. I had to laugh at him one evening. After doing the perch exercise a few times I walked into him while he had his front feet on the perch and he readily moved “around the clock” without stepping down. In our next session, I put the perch down and he ran over to it, stepped up with both front feet, then proceeded to “go around the clock” by himself. I guess he has figured out that makes Mum happy! Blaze is also doing very well at “BED” – he goes to his bed and lays down when asked, from progressively greater distances, and for longer periods of time. Our good morning routine is the best part of my day. When I release Blaze from his kennel, he immediately goes to the edge of the landing and lays down, waiting for me to sit on the top step and have the most wonderful cuddle with him. After our cuddle, belly rub, face rub, chin scratch, ear rub, paw squeeze etc he slithers down the stairs and we carry on with our day.
Blaze had a great time with his girl friend Whimsy when she stayed with us for a few days, and also had a great play date with Bessie, and is looking forward to spending a few weeks with her at Christmas.
Submitted by Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux