Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.
Blaze is a delightful little puppy, affectionate, calm and very responsive. He is gaining confidence in his world, and has enjoyed lots of fun outings on skytrain, seabus, rec centre, lots of shopping trips and errands. He especially enjoyed the rec centre where he got to walk all around the pool and watch people swimming and jumping into the pool,
after which he watched a hockey game and best of all got to meet and enjoy pats by a bunch of blade hockey players. Blaze is a sociable little guy and really enjoys meeting people. He went to a couple of destressing events this month and being a gardener (that Mum doesn’t much appreciate) he also went to a big gardeners appreciation event at Lee Valley. Although he wanted badly to help Brian Minter demonstrate building a bunch of winter planters, he managed to control himself. Making Blaze’s Halloween spider costume was a challenge because he kept stealing the legs, but I was very pleased with how well he tolerated wearing it. Blaze was very interested in all the little goblins who came to our door, and wasn’t at all disturbed by the doorbell and all the commotion at the door.
Blaze is doing very well at learning to avoid taking food off the floor, and is also learning to not take some of his favourite items, like slippers, socks and Kleenex. He is perfecting his loose leash walking, folding downs and has “touch” mastered. What a good boy!!
Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux