Hi folks,
We had a very outdoorsy October, with lots of lovely walks through the colourful leaves that are laying all over the place, practicing my loose leash walking while ignoring other dogs we passed by. I don’t get too excited about most of the little dogs we see, but it’s a challenge for me to not try to play with the big dogs. We keep working on that and Mum says I’m getting better. Mum gets really happy when I look up at her with my happy smile as we walk along.
It’s lots of fun to help Mum and Dad rake up all these leaves although they don’t seem to think my efforts are helpful! I think I’m helpful though because I make Mum smile and laugh. We went on one really fun outing to Shangrila, where there were thousands of beautiful flowers all over the place, even on the tunnels and bridges we walked through and under. But best of all there were many critters there – all made out of sticks!!! Can you believe it!! STICKS!! It doesn’t get much better than that!! But I was a good boy and didn’t try to chew them up. There were also lots of stuffies living in this big garden. I lay down and had a nice little visit with a tiger who was bigger than I am!
I guess the high point of October was Halloween. I dressed up in my Bat-dog costume. Mum was terribly amused when she tried a destrier costume and an amigo costume on me. I was just plain disgusted! We had a great front row seat looking out our living room window at a really good fireworks display in the school yard across the street from us. I was fascinated by it all, and didn’t mind those booms, but later on when Mum and I went BG in the back yard the neighbours set off some REALLY loud explosive fireworks, and that scared me, so I snuggled up really close to Mum and Dad for a while after that. I loved seeing the little fiends that came to the door. We had 59 of them, and I just sat quietly about 8 feet from the door and watched them with my tail wagging. Mum and I had made a safe delivery system for the treat bags we gave to the wee fiends, using a carpet core wrapped up in a festive plastic Halloween table cloth. It was fun to watch Mum put a bag in the top of the tube, then see it fall out the other end.

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux