September was a big month for us. We went camping, not once, but TWICE! We got a very good deal on a very old motorhome. It’s noisy and bumpy and it took a while for me to get in, but after the first time getting in I was fine with it and it sure was warm and cozy while it was raining. My little buddy Tobi, Mum and Dad’s little Mexican rescuegee grand-dogger came along with us. He was so scared to ride in the motorhome that he shook all the way and even refused treats! Not me – I seldom refuse treats! I thought Mum might be nervous so I kept my head on her leg and arm the whole way there and back, so she could stroke my head and face and rub between my eyes. I felt very calm and relaxed and this made Mum happy too!
There were lots of interesting smells to sniff, and lots of squirrels and chipmunks running around. Tobi had fun chasing them up trees, but I just sat and watched them and didn’t give chase even once!! It was really good practice for me to go through all my cues amidst all these distractions. I couldn’t help wandering off a bit to have a snoop at things, but I was really good at coming back when Mum and Dad called me. The best beach at our campground happens to be in the dog off leash area. This time of year the water is starting to get colder, so I mostly had paddles in the water and only a few short swims.
We have been working on my durations which are getting better all the time, and my disengagement from distractions is vastly improved. We like to go to Green Timbers Park to look at the ducks. They don’t seem interested in hanging around with me, but I never insist. Sometimes squirrels are very intriguing but I never chase them anymore. I still need to practice disengaging from bunnies that we see, but often I just look at them as we walk by. We are starting to look at mechanical monsters and goblins in the stores. I find them very interesting but they aren’t scary.
I will be 27 months old on October 5. Sometimes I catch Mum looking at me and trying to not cry, so I go and rest my head in her lap. I know that I have changed Mum’s life and brought her so much joy and love, but it will soon be time for me to take the next step in my journey to changing another life or lives.

Submitted by: Puppy raiser Nola Chanroux