February was a short month but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy.  I kicked it off with a trip to the puppy sitters. This was jam packed with new and amazing experiences.  I got to meet a new puppy pal, PADS Hardy, and I showed him just how fast us labs can run!  (Sorry buddy, maybe when you get bigger you’ll be able to keep up.)  With them, I shared my sweet and gentle side with a group of kindergarten kids when I spent the day in their class.  Then, using my sweet and gentle but also happy and wiggly side, I brought some puppy love to the wonderful people of ECOMM 911. Add in a few trips to the store, getting to know a new kitty friend, and my sitter experience was a huge success!

February also brought about the Gremlin, (aka PADS Freya) my puppy-in-training protégée and house mate. It was my first birthday so naturally that meant that we needed to have a party.  Shortly after that, we had the annual Pet Lovers show where I, along with many of my fellow puppies in training, went to hang out at the PADS booth to meet and greet the public.  We educated them on what us PADS pups are for.

Throw in a bunch of fun playdates & trips to the lake before capping off the month with a visit to my sponsors, and you have one very well rounded month!

Submitted By: Tiffany Spenard