Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

What a fun and exciting month October was!  I got to go on many adventures with other PADS pups – walks in the woods, adventures through haunted houses, playing lots of dress up all in preparation for Halloween.  But the biggest adventure came when I did a puppy swap.

This is my second puppy swap, but this time instead of just a couple days I did a whole week.  I went to live in the city and learned all about going to the office, working out at the gym and taking all sorts of different transit.  It was so educational and loads of fun. 

At the end of the swap my raiser came to spend the day in the city with me so I could show her all I had learned. I even took my raiser on her very first water taxi ride because, well, let’s face it:  after a week I’m pretty much an expert.  Can’t wait for November’s adventure – perhaps it will involve snow!!!

Submitted By: Tiffany Spenard