Bowyer spent most of the month with puppysitters. He had a great time socializing with Pride and hanging out at the Pads office (where I was told he was much loved by everyone who came by). He had a wonderful time staying with the Hui family, too, where he earned the nickname “Polar Bear” and got taken to all kinds of fun events like Pads grad and the spooky Halloween store. Bouncy Bowyer is working hard on learning impulse control. One of his new tasks is not just to wait for permission to cross thresholds but also to wait for and execute another command before crossing. So, for example, when we come to a doorway he might need to make eye contact with me, or do a sit or a down, before I give him permission to cross the threshold. He’s doing really well with this, even though he’s sometimes trembling with excitement to get through the door. Did I mention that Bowyer has never met a doorway that he doesn’t really really love and just can’t wait to go through?!!

Submitted By: Catherine McLaughlin