Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Breaker was thrilled to finally get off-leash this month, with lots of hikes to Pacific Spirit Park where he could run as long and as hard as he wanted. And he experienced “snow” for the first time and thought that was pretty cool!!

He was also really happy to have PADS Puppy Esme come and visit us for a few nights – it’s been a while since he had an overnight play date with another pup. There was lots of activity, and not a lot of downtime, when she was around.

We’ve also been volunteering at the PADS office on Tuesdays this month, and he loves spending time with Pride and any other of the dogs that happen to be there.

But the most fun was probably the trip on the Seabus for a gallery opening on the North Shore. The Seabus staff and passengers were so happy to meet him. And he was a hit at the opening, and at dinner after.

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko