Breaker loves people and he especially loves kids – maybe because they are closer to his size. We were walking home from work one afternoon and as I was exiting a store front a young boy went running by. He was following an older guy that was walking his dog and crying “Mister, can I pet you dog; Mister, can I pet your dog?” The guy with the dog either didn’t hear or wasn’t able to stop, and the young boy was pretty distraught.

Breaker and I both saw this so, after checking in with the boy’s parents, I asked him if he wanted to meet Breaker. His eyes were as big as saucers and he nodded “yes”. Breaker did a perfect sit and put up with being mauled by this little guy (and, eventually, his sister and brother). We were on a busy street corner, so it attracted a bit of a crowd – which didn’t bother Breaker at all. I was very proud of him!!

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko