Breaker continues to pick up new cues and commands relatively quickly. At the puppy classes we attended during October (we were away for part of the month) he would typically have a new command mastered before the end of the session. Most recently, he almost immediately picked up on the practice of transitioning from a sit to a stand without moving his front paws. And at home we are working on duration sits and downs. At home he can do a sit without moving (okay – maybe there is some drooling!!) for almost two minutes, and for more than a minute in higher distraction areas.

Breaker and I attended two sessions at the PADS Booth at the Home Show this month. After he got himself settled (he is always very excited when he first encounters his PADS colleagues) he was a great ambassador for PADS. The booth and the area in front of our booth was often quite crowded with people who wanted to meet the pups, but crowds don’t really faze Breaker and he was happy to show off his people skills to the passers-by.

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko