Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Breaker and I traveled to Ottawa this month, to visit family (mine, not his) and then on to Halifax and Cape Breton for a vacation. He is becoming a seasoned traveler and was exceptionally well behaved on all of the flights – to the delight of the passengers around us. Going through airport security was a breeze – he executed the “wait” and “release” command for the metal detector perfectly every time. I am constantly told how well behaved and quiet he is, given he is still a puppy.

The lodge we stayed at in Cape Breton was great, for both of us. Right on the water with lots of grass and beach areas – and the staff were all dog lovers who spoiled him rotten. I couldn’t let him off-leash much, but he loved the fresh air, the beach and the quiet (or maybe that was me and I’m transferring to him!!)

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Kevin Hisko