In February I started going to school again to listen to some Grade 3 kids read to me. I have fun listening to and spending time with the first couple of kids….by the third, fourth and fifth I’m usually so relaxed I fall fast asleep. They even started laughing at me the other day because I was snoring! I don’ t really see what was so funny about that!
We also went out a lot to play in all the snow. I love playing in the snow, especially when I go with some of the other puppies in the neighbourhood! But when I am home I like to find a sun beam to lie in and get all nice and toasty warm!
Mom has been playing with me lots. She is trying to convince me that she is the most fun thing ever….but if I’m going to be honest…as much as I love Mom… I still think chewing the toy is the most fun…sorry Mom.

Submitted By: Sarala Silvertrying to change my mind!