BRITE is having fun with her old friends back in Calgary. She has been making new friends at the school where her sitter Stephanie teaches and has been impressing everyone with her rockstar service dog skills. Every day she gets better at difficult tasks like pulling open and holding doors or putting objects into bins. She even helps gather up recyclables and get them ready for pickup! Brite definitely believes in recycling to help save the planet! We hope to have news about Brite’s client match in the very near future.

  • Skills being learned: Putting items in a bin, holding open doors, doing transactions over counters
  • Recent field trips: Camper’s Village, Petland, Chasin’ Tails, Superstore
  • Possible behavior challenges: Some dog distraction, prey drive.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Brite!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Miranda Turenne