My raisers were away for a lot of March so I had some exciting adventures in some new places with some new people. They of course loved me lots and thought I was a very good girl!
We finished another term of reading sessions at Copperfield School. All the kids that have been reading to me for the last few months seemed really sad that they won’t be seeing me anymore. They even made a card for me and my mom to thank us …I thought that was so nice of them! We are starting another group of kids in a couple of weeks!
I can’t wait for spring to come. I think it will be nice to be warm again…my mom says I follow the sunbeam around the house for my naps!
Lately we have been working really hard on keeping me from getting too excited when I walk by another puppy when we are out and about. It’s sooooo hard to not forget that I’m supposed to ignore them unless I’m given permission to say hi. I just love puppies sooooo much!

Submitted by: Sarala Silver