Hello Everyone! 

I hope you’ve all been staying safe and dry. November was a bit of a soggy one, and human is glad I dry faster than my brother, whose nickname is “Labrasponge.” One good thing about all the precipitation is that I got to experience snow for the first time; it was awesome! It didn’t stick around long, but I’m told it should come back again (yay!). 

The rain this month provided a good excuse for some indoor excursions. I helped the humans tackle the big mall in Kelowna. Shopping isn’t so bad, but I think it was a bit rude of them to eat lunch at the food court and not even let me clean the floor (sigh). 

I’ve gone to a few more hockey games; although I’m still not up to sleeping, I’m not as concerned about the noise and crowds (ignoring the spilled popcorn is still challenging though…). I can, however, settle like a champ when my raiser is at her massage appointments. I think she’s a bit jealous that I seem more relaxed than she is. 

Finally, this month was PADS Virtual Grad. We got to Celebrate all the new teams and hear a bunch of wonderful stories about life-changing dogs. My raiser’s first dog officially Graduated, and they all got a sudden PADS Cold; thankfully, it seemed to resolve very quickly. 

Well, that’s all for now. I am looking forward to all the exciting holiday experiences December brings! 


Submitted by: Sarah Markson