This has been an exciting month as I have been going through several
tests to determine my future career!  We are going to know my future in
just a few days…will I become I momma dog?

I have been getting ready for the PADS grad ceremony on Oct 2.  I get to
be in the puppy parade, and it is important that I can do a great loose
leash walk with all that excitement!  This month I have been working
really hard at at improving my heel and side; I sometimes get these

Look out world, because I have also just learned how to open doors!  It
took a while for me to really understand how tug-on-a-rope-with-a-hook
worked, but once I got it, the front door, food closet, and fridge door
are all things I can now open!

This month I was featured in the PADS newsletter, as we officially
announced the start up of PADS Vancouver Island! I also became PADS Pup
of the Day when I put up a video showing me ignoring all my favourite
toys and treats to follow the “here” command.

It’s been a month of excitement and triumph, and also the end of being a
PADS Vancouver Island pup.  I need to go back to the Lower Mainland to
finish up some tests, and start my career.  But I am going back to my
first home, so I will be happy and comfortable!

Submitted By: Elisabeth Macmillan