I have adjusted to my 9-5 work schedule very well. I accompany my raiser to the Hearing Clinic everyday where I get to meet lots of elderly and pediatric patients coming in for their hearing tests. I even got to drive out to Siksika Nation to help do hearing tests at their Wellness Centre! Outside of my busy work weeks, I got to go to Spruce Meadows earlier this month and I was very intrigued by the extra large dog-like animals… and they had humans on their backs! What a sight! I have been working hard at settling under a table for extended periods of time by participating in our PADS field trip to Stage West dinner theatre, going out to eat at restaurants, and practicing at home. I live with a cat who likes to tease me but doesn’t let me get my nose too close to her. I think if I keep working on being calm and quiet around her, she will come around and we can be friends someday.

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Kathryn Baigent