Cannoli had a busy month this August. She was unable to have off leash time for three weeks due to being in heat but was a real trooper and wore her diaper without being bothered. Cannoli missed her friends and her off leash time though. She gained a bit of weight as she did not having her run time but has managed to get back her healthy figure! Cannoli spent a week on a floating home on the island and had no problem with not being able to jump out the front door into the water. She was also completely fine with the constant rocking.

We have been working on Cannoli’s durations for all commands and she has finally mastered “stand” with a little help from her friend, yipee! We are so impressed with this little girl and her ability to be chill, even when little people are visiting with all of their running and high pitched screaming. Good girl Cannoli!

Submitted By: Rod/Crystal Carle