Cello has continued to show HUGE improvements from the past month and especially from when he arrived in October!! He is a beloved member of our Kindergarten class and actually comes and stands outside the door when a child is having a melt down or is very upset. Most of our PADS dogs would stand at the door to get out (it’s very loud) but Cello doesn’t the opposite and stands at the door, looking at the people to let him IN the room! It is the most incredible thing to see. He goes over to any child or adult who may be upset (obviously) or not showing it at all and will rest his chin on their knee or against their leg. I have asked people he did that to if they are feeling worried or upset and 100% of the time they say yes! I often didn’t even know that. He is so patient and gentle with kids who are impulsive and unexpected and who are not always as gentle with him as they should be… but they are learning because they are so motivated to be with Cello! He has now made it possible for 3 children who were terrified of dogs to be around Cello and other dogs too with exposure, time and patience!!

Submitted By: Dana Stephenson