Long time, no bark!

It’s been a few years since the Hoomans had to write me a pupdate. A lot of things have happened since the last one, I’ve eaten a bunch of kibbles, sniffed all of the good sniffs, had two litters of puppies (the Dessert litter and the Vancouver Island litter), and played a bunch. Recently, the Hoomans have allowed me to do all sorts of fun things that I wasn’t allowed to do as an assistance dog in training, being a breeding dog certainly has it’s perks. I get to fetch a ball and stick, cuddle on the couch, and lick things to my hearts content, woohoo!

This August I had quite a lot of fun outside. I started off the month with a few good boat rides on the ocean. I love to sniff things in the breeze, get treats for being so good, and even take a splash in the water! I wear my orange lifejacket, even though I’m a good swimmer, the Hoomans say that it is important (and it’s so cute!). A few days after my boat ride, I had the best house guest ever! Her name is Nootka, she’s my daughter and she loves to play just as much as I do. We ran around in the yard, played tug on the deck, took naps in the sun, and practiced good behaviours. Since Nootka is an assistance dog in training, she has to be able to relax is all sorts of situations which is why we practiced “the art of doing nothing”, together! We go from playing bitey face to laying next to each other and transitioning from an aroused state to a relaxed one. It sounds easy but it’s actually pretty hard, especially when you’re a young pup like Nootka. 

After Nootka headed home, Scooby came by for a day visit. He’s a young golden retriever puppy and is super cute (but loud)! I had to play differently with him then I did with Nootka because he was a bit smaller and didn’t want me to jump all over him (I wonder why?). Scooby and I had a good time together, he even shared some of his Scooby snacks!


PADS has launched a MOVE fundraiser which my Hooman and I have joined in on. To date we have raised 550$ to go towards the life changing service dogs that PADS breeds, trains, and certifies. For every dollar donated my Hooman and I walk (with her on her crutches) or roll (with her in her wheelchair). We are apart of team “Trails with Tails” who have dedicated their time to moving for PADS.

As August came to an end, I wrapped it up with an enjoyable stay with my puppy raiser on Vancouver Island. I really love seeing her and her family, they love me so much and give me many treatos! Together we went for an adventure at the river, a run followed by relaxing at the playground, and even a swim in a lake! I love fetching a stick from the water and will go again, and again, and again. At the end of the day I got cuddles on the couch and would follow the kids to bed – early bed times are the best!

Upon returning home I have continued moving for PADS, munching my treatos, and just living life to the fullest. It was a fun month and I can’t want for what September has in store!

Submitted by: Team Chai