December was a quiet month for me, but some awesome things did happen. Two of my puppies from the dessert litter have gone to advanced training! I couldn’t be any more proud of my puppies, Cobbler and Chantilly. Besides sending my puppies off to college, I enjoyed many relaxed days as Christmas approached. My hooman takes me for daily strolls so that I can stay healthy and happy. Sometimes, the walks are more focused and I do a nice “let’s go” for Emily, checking in as we walk and ignoring distractions. Other times when we go for walks, I get to sniff things as long as I don’t pull on the leash and Emily will bring me a toy to play with off leash. 

I’ve been practicing some new skills that are unlike anything I have ever done before! I’m learning to alert to the smell of cinnamon, but I’m still not sure if that’s right. i’ll keep working on it in the new year. Because it has been pretty chilly outside, I wear a nice, cozy purple fleece to keep me warm and when I go for walks downtown, I wear my booties to protect my paws from the ice salt. It still hasn’t snowed which is too bad but maybe in January it will? 

Submitted by: Breeder Caretaker Emily