Because I am a youth worker in a public school, when the schools re-opened in June, we were called back to work.  Chantilly was happy to return with me, but not so happy that there were so few students attending, nor that her contact with these students was limited due to COVID protocols.

She also has been in heat for most of June, so has not had any public access.  That being said, her issues with backing up are almost totally gone now, and she is entering adulthood with calmness and grace!

When working, she follows commands consistently, does not back up or jump on people, and never barks.  She is now willing to lay down and chill (the expected default behaviour) should I need to stop and chat with another human. This is a complete change, and I am very proud of her.  I have included a pic of Chantilly with a group of K/1 students.  She was very happy hanging out with them, and showing off her amazing relaxation skills.

Submitted By: Karen Exley