Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

The highlight of March was the PADS gala where Chantilly volunteered as a greeter. She did such a great job getting to say hello to all of the guests that arrived to enjoy the amazing evening. Chantilly also got a chance to see her mama, Chai. Chantilly is working on duration in high distraction – this means we’re heading to the mall or the grocery store and practising “sits” and “downs” while people go on their way.  

She’s showing great signs of success. We’ve also started working on the mechanics for “heel” and “side”. This involves practicing to circle her body around and end up right beside me (or left beside me). To help with this, we’re doing perch work. Hope you enjoy the pics – it is a nice mixture of Chantilly having fun in the trails and fun working at the mall and other public places.

Submitted By: Lindi Porter