This month we took Checkers on a road trip to Nelson and Calgary. We found she easily adapts to different environments and routines and consistently displays good manners. We have gone on multiple local outings including an event at a winery, a wedding, farmers market, hikes and visits to friends and family.

Checkers is always easy to manage and loves to train. We are continuing to work on recall ( sometimes she is great sometimes just ignores me if there is a other dog in the park she would rather play with. She is awesome with many skills including: sit, down, stand, heel, side, touch, shake, target, wait, out, We are now working on roll and increasing sit and down duration.

Checkers has amazing impulse control and will hold her wait when about to enter a dog park. She was even able to hold her down at Granville Island while a pigeon walked by about 10 ft away. Unfortunately I missed being able to capture it on video.

Submitted by: Shannon Debruyckere