We got safely home from the ocean, and I practiced perch on the way on some very big trees. And then it was just a month of rudenesses. And family.

The mummas have been making me wear all manner of things. They laugh and take rude photos. I do not like the little things they point at me. I foil them and I look away.

My best sister Gloucester came to stay for a few days, and we played. Then MummaE went away from me and left me all alone with MummaC and her rude cats. Where can she have gone that is better than being with me? But I got a very special treat. I went to stay with GrannyNeen and PoppaPeter and Fun Auntie Jewel for two days. Mama Devon came by, and I met special new friends Wroxy and River. And when I came home, I slept so hard I didn’t even bother when the rude cats came to sniff at me.

There is a thing called snow. It’s fun and rude at the same time. MummaC took me out in it a few times until she hurt herself, and I had to go back to GrannyNeen and PoppaPeter. Fun Auntie Jewel and super Swift took good care of me until MummaC was ready for me again. And when I got back, things had changed. The cats aren’t nearly as rude as they have been. I could get quite used to them. But I would like for MummaE to come home soon.

Submitted by: Clelie and Erin