Frenz, March was all about family. MummaE took off with her human family for a bit too long and left me with the catses, but I prevailed. I did not chase them, although they still don’t want to snuggle.

Before MummaE went away, my good fren AFD Summer came to stay for a weekend and helped me polish my manners. She is quite serious though and did not enjoy what the mummas call shenanigans. But we cuddled. MummaC’s neighbour had an ancient fren called Clyde come to stay and we booped through my fence. I’ve never met such an ancient dog, and all we did was sit quietly together. The mummas say this is some of the finest teaching I’ve had so far.

The really big news is that I am now 12 months old. I am 51.5 lbs and I am half way to big dog kibz. And we had a party! Glossy, and York, and me, we all did shenanigans in York’s backyard. We haven’t seen York since we left the litter, and he liked me a lot. (The mummas say he liked me too much for a brother and made us all wear leashes.)

Submitted by: Erin and Clelie