August started with vacation and visits with family. Chinook enjoys a good road trip and loved the adventures with her dog friends. They went up mountains for walks and for runs by the lake. We learned that she is actually a water dog – she ran right into the lake and started swimming. She also jumped right into the icky fish pond at one home and had to have an outdoor shower before being allowed back in the house.

Chinook did great on a visit to the Van Gogh exhibit – even though at first she thought the lights moving along the floor were super interesting and maybe she should chase them. She spent a couple of days at the office this month and helped set up for a media event.

We discovered that many behaviours that no longer happen at home, pop back up when Chinook is in new places. She likes to investigate absolutely everything – inside, under or on top of things, she’s checking it all out. This includes cupboards, fridges and garbage cans. They are just too exciting. So time was spent working on curbing the urge to stick her nose right in and to focus on her person instead. Chinook also thinks little critters like squirrels are super fun to chase so we are continuing to work on that.

Submitted by: Cheryl