February was a pretty exciting month for Piglet. Not only was it her birthday – she and her Helicopter littermates turned two – but she went on a few fun outings. The more usual trips to the grocery and drug stores were, but she also went on a field trip with her other PADS pals to Bass Pro Shops. At first, she had a bit of trouble focusing because there were so many interesting things to see in the store, but she pulled it together. The stuffed deer were no big deal, but the fox sure looked like a little dog! LOL! 

When she was with her puppy sitter, she spent her days working at the vet clinic. Rumour has it she was a very good dog. It’s wonderful how happy she is to work with different people and show off her skills. We are still working on her opportunism and interest in bunnies, squirrels and other little movers when her focus needs to be on her person.

Submitted by: Cheryl