Chinook got to visit the office for half a day this month, and she thought that was super exciting! There are no half measures with this dog – everything is done with gusto, and that includes cuddling. Chinook loooves to cuddle, but she’s not a particularly gentle dog. For a smaller dog, you definitely know when she drops onto your lap…a bit like catching a medicine ball. LOL!

Chinook visited with her brothers Huey and Chopper in June, which she thought was great fun. And she sure looks small beside those boys! PADSTempest also shared her wading pool with her. Chinook isn’t too keen on water, but like anything else, there’s nothing that will stop her from getting something she wants. So, put a toy in the pool, and there’s zero hesitation – Chinook is in there.

A lot of training was done indoors because of the heat, so we worked on getting Chinook to move her feet more by pivoting on a perch, stepping with her back feet up onto things and even some foot targeting. She continues to be super fast, so a training focus is to get her to slow down and be a bit more thoughtful while working.

Submitted by: Cheryl