Jonathan took Cirque for a row-boat ride.  She was a little nervous getting into the boat but relaxed and seemed to enjoy the views. We actively take her to as many places as possible ie. stores, restaurants, sea-wall walks, trail hikes, YMCA, transit and more.

We think the March 12 class might have been her first time at Metrotown, and it was certainly the first time with the new group of dogs.
Here are things we have been working on during her almost 3 weeks with us:
– walking on right – she can do this now, will walk on either side
– stepping over her when in a down, duration of sit and down
– walking away from her while in a “down” or “sit”
– when in a “down”, saying her name softly to get her to turn her head towards you to look at you. Gradually increasing the volume of her name, but making sure she does not get up out of the “down”
– walking past kibble on floor, and ignoring kibble in the hand of a stranger
– using “touch” to get her to walk back and forth past a fixed object (chair, wall) while you keep stepping in close to get her to turn and not feel worried about the small space
– alternate paw touching a paddle using click and treat
– two types of “wait/outs” – she goes through door before you, or after the wait you go through door first then she comes through right to you (does not need to sit like in a “here”)
– Chin – do chin and take a step back, she should come with you – we are still working on this
– Jump on – and use “off” to get off
Jump on, stay in a stand, use “turn around” as cue but use touch to lure her into turn, magically click and treat after each turn. Turn should be towards you.
Submitted by: Joan Foster