August was a busy and fun month. Clay did a ton of swimming in the ocean and Buntzen Lake. We also did a lot of hiking with him.  An 11 km hike around Buntzen was the longest and included crossing a suspension bridge (his 4th). Clay stayed with a puppy sitter for a successful week, and visited the PNE twice, including being part of the Superdogs show. Clay handles all of his outings in stride, he adapts very well to his surroundings and has no issues with noises, crowds, or different terrains, indoors and outdoors. His training is going well and he appears to be leaving his teenage brain as his focus and listening to commands is improving. His loose leash walking continues to improve along with his pop-up stand, heel, shake and extended sit with lots of distraction around him. He also celebrated his first birthday with Rocky Point puppy ice cream and went on his first gondola ride! He is admired everywhere we go. Submitted By: Dimitra Rallis