Cleat was with some outstanding sitters for the first couple of weeks Oct 29 – Nov 15. My doctor advised me to reduce my activities and stress to better recover from my concussion. He was with one family from Oct 29- Nov 2nd and then another took him until the 15th and then again Oct 19-21st.
Cleat is a very good dog. He likes to work and his loose leash walking is great. He settles like a Champ in yoga class. He is very confident in new environments, so much so that he was completely unfazed during our field trip to 8 Rinks. He worked his commands and was focused!
He is becoming more relaxed about having people pat and stroke him while is in cape. When he has his cape on he thinks that means work! We/He (with sitters) have been going to more Destress/Meet the dogs events to work on this. He was super great at the Burnaby Tree Lighting at Edmonds. He lay on his blanket and was incredibly chill when people of all ages pet him. Cleat was not fussed by the crowds, the stilt walkers, the noise, or the smells. He was a champ. He also did extremely well at the Garden Works Event. His dog distraction in cape is improving.
At home he is a super cuddler and a funny, lovely soul.

Submitted By: Jane O’Connor