Cleat is really settling and maturing out of being a small puppy. He has been attending large yoga classes with me where I am a student not a teacher, but he has been in classes of sixty people and takes it all in stride. He is able to settle for most of the class. These are Kundalini Yoga classes and can be quite active with jumping and mantra (chanting).

Cleat attended a class with my teacher Gloria Latham which would be best described as a Friday morning Yoga Rave with loud music and dancing. Cleat just lay there, checking out the other students but was not fussed at all.

Cleat brings great joy to my students in class and when I am the student with Cleat, he uplifts my fellow classmates.  I try my best to attend a Sunday morning class as they save a spot for Cleat.

Submitted By: Jane O’Connor