Clipper is a very active pup and likes to play a lot of the time when let outside.

She runs for her tug toy and brings it back as if to say, “Hey, let’s play tug”, which we always do, then Rena, her 1/2 sister, always wants to join in, at which point the two dogs play tug and end up rough housing.

Clipper is doing well at loose leash walking. She stays close to our side with regular check-ins. She does not seem to be bothered much by distractions from people and other dogs while on her walks.

Clipper went on an outing with a few other PADS pups to Bragg Creek where she found some snow to romp around in. In addition, she had the opportunity to work on her recall while running with the other pups.

Submitted By: Sherry & Dave MacRae