COBBLER joined Lisa’s string this month and already has lots of fun nicknames (Cobbie, Gobbler, The Cob)! Cobbler is fitting right in and has already chosen his favorite beds. This boy has a rock star level recall when playing with other dogs in the park. Such a good boy. He is very food motivated and is a lot of fun to train. If there is food, he will give it the old college try. If there are competing factors (other dogs) he will try even harder. Thank you to his raisers, puppy sitters and advanced sitters for doing such a good job with him!  

  • Skills being learned: Rear-end awareness, capping arousal, working in a harness, retrieve, Tug
  • Recent field trips: Costco, mall, off leash park, pet store, grocery store, neighborhood walks
  • Possible behavior challenges: Barking, impulse control, lowering arousal levels – taking food gently, greeting manners
  • Advanced training location: Lower Mainland – Satellite
  • Potential career path: Assistance Dog

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Cobbler!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Lisa Davis