Vanstone and Mars have completed team training and are now with their new person in their new home. Thank you for helping us place such amazing dogs. Rest assured people’s lives are about to be improved immensely thanks to our efforts and the awesomeness that is our dogs. The rest of you who are receiving this for the first time, thank you for getting the dogs to this stage.
Things are moving right along here on the island. The dogs, Coffee, Summer, Quokka and Mocha have been hard at work learning to turn lights on, push automatic buttons, open and close doors, as well as some formal retrieve intro. They are getting used to the new routine which is wake up early in the morning for food and toileting, train until lunch time which usually includes a nice walk around the neighborhood. Then more training until dinner time which is around 5pm. They then join my family and me after our dinner for the remainder of the evening.

Coffee is learning lots.  He may not be as excited to do the tasks when the treats are removed. Time will tell how intrinsically motivated he is to complete the required tasks. I’m also using play and toys to motivate him as I do with all dogs.

I’ve attached a couple of photos.  My own dog  is a black lab so at the moment there are 5 black labs in the house. I took all the collars off – my challenge to you is this: can you name your dog?

Submitted by: Rob MacKay