Coffee had a surprising reaction at the PNE class. After class we went to Gators BBQ and while in line he was great, moving forward when I moved forward , stopping when I stopped, moving forward when I moved forward… I ordered and paid to the far right of the pit and Coffee backed up a bit when the pit master used the fan to blow the aroma out to the public.  We walked away to wait for our number to be called and Coffee was okay. When our number was called we walked up to get our order at the pit.  Just then the pit master picked up the fan to blow the smoke and stoke the flame and Coffee started backing up and pulling me.  It took a moment to realize what he was doing – he didn’t turn around and run – he was forcefully pulling me away from the fire and smoke.  The staff and I understood almost at the same time that Coffee saw danger so the pit master put the fan down and the cashier brought my food out to us.

Submitted By: Rachel Macdougall