I am working hard on my training. I like to do “perch” as I get lots of treats for that. I am also working on “go in”, “down” and all of the other commands we have learned in our beginner class. I loved playing in all that snow we had. My one raiser Karen had to go to her school but then we got to go home. It was tough going through all that snow.

To get out of the snow I went on a training session to Ikea with lots of my puppy friends. I also got to go to a destress event at Langara with my co-raiser Megan. Everywhere my raisers go I get to go like into grocery stores, drug stores, and restaurants. I go into Karen’s grade one / two classroom when I am with her and hang out with the little people. Then when I am with Megan I go to Langara college and hang with the bigger students. I have great fun in both situations.

Submitted By: Karen MacKay