This month Comox is adapting to co-raising and it hasn’t phased him one bit. He now comes to College and settles well in the classroom while I’m teaching. He has participated in a de-stress event where he was relaxed and mellow the whole time. He travels well in the car (it’s a thirty minute commute each way) and settles really well at home. He has been to a basketball and hockey game. During them he was calm and quiet. He plays with a dog next door really well and goes for a lot of walks. His “better go” is excellent and we are working really hard on his down without a lure. He is extremely food motivated so I plan loose leash walks when he is hungry and then there is no distraction between kibbles which keeps him from eating anything off of the ground.

Today he went to the Farmers market and did really well. Comox was focused around the food and people however there is definitely some dog distraction. He will re-connect and sit with a lure but then once he’s received it, he is back up and interested in the other passing dogs.

Submitted By: Megan Brousseau