I am writing a little earlier this month as I’d like to wish you my very best for the holiday season and I also heard that I am going on a little adventure at the end of this month, into the beginning of the New Year, so I’ll be too busy to give you some news.

I won’t lie, December might be my favorite month so far. I discovered snow, scored a few off-leash walks, had my first dog on dog playdate, went to the theater twice, visited a museum, and got invited to a few Christmas parties. It was all unbelievable and I did very well in all situations. My recall is stronger than ever, my playtime with Caber & Puma was constructive and very beneficial and my eagerness to learn and do well is apparent.

Our Christmas plans have changed though since the pandemic is taking a new turn so it will be a quiet Christmas – and to be honest, I don’t mind. I had a busy month so taking a few days inside the house with just the three of us opening presents, is be the perfect kind of Christmas for me 😉

Happy New Year Frenz and I shall chat with you in 2022 then!

Submitted by: #TeamCopper