I always have a lot to tell you, and this month is no different. What’s different, though, is that I only spent 10 days at my home this month! Most vacations ended at the end of Aug, but for me, it started on Sept 1st when I headed to South Surrey for 11 days at Caroline’s. Caroline and her mum were amazing hosts, and I felt so in tune with them both – we did everything together, and I have enjoyed my interaction with her mum, who is a little older than the people that I usually hang out with, so I showed her my softer side. 😉

Thereafter, I went to spend a few days with my good friends Suzanne and Walker. Walker only retired a few months ago, so she is such an inspiration to me. Suzanne, the family mum, and my handler took me to a corporate event as well as lovely relaxing walks so that we had some one-on-one time together. I really enjoy Sitter Suz, and I think she also really likes having me around.

Later this month, I spent time with new PADS volunteers, and they had so many good things to say about me. All of us learnt from each other. I know that they enjoyed taking me grocery shopping, to coffee shops, to the library, and more. I hope that I will see more of them because they have this very interesting cat, Gambit, which I wouldn’t mind getting to know more about. You see, I live with my furry sister Luna (a rescue cat that rules our home), but I am still fascinated by other pets and furry animals. I hear that I shouldn’t be, though….so I promise everyone to do better with Gambit next time and allow her to introduce herself to me instead of me begging for her attention.

We are on for a treat next month, as I heard that I’ll get to see Michael Bublé from close up, that I will be seeing a couple of good theatre plays, that Elton John is in town and I may be able to ‘meet him’ if I behaved well at Michael Bublé’s concert…and who knows Carly Rae Jepsen may also be on my books. We shall see, but it is clear that between all those outings, thanksgiving at our place, and the usual busy work schedule, I am going to be busy and well-socialized – whatever it means lol!

I’ll chat with you again in late October, and hopefully, by then, I’ll know what I’ll be wearing for our annual Halloween party. Last year I was a lumberjack, and I made good impressions, as you can imagine, I wouldn’t mind to impawess again!

Take care.

Submitted by: Team Copper