Hi Everyone!

September was a great month! Well, I am a puppy, and everything is so new and exciting. I am doing well with my training. So far, I do not love stairs, especially going down. Maybe it’s the awkwardness of growing so much.

My mentor Miss Muse (advanced dog), was home for a visit. I loves her. She says she is in University now, and I am just a little kindergarten kiddo. And so I have lots to learn!

I was super lucky to spend a little time with Muse’s brother Lore for a weekend. They are sooooooooo fun. And, of course, Pads Nana is my trail friend. All the older pups are great to learn from.

This month I was out to Ikea, Library, Home Depot, Costco, Office and Ambleside. I am not ready fully to off-leash as I am working on my recall (like need to come right away). That’s where the older pups help me because they know better.

Submitted by: Miss Cremello