Crosby is excelling in some areas and struggling in others. We have been working extremely hard, and making improvements on durations which have been a struggle for his entire puppy life so far. He is SUPER smart and catches on easily.  We are trying to work through his prey drive and separation challenges. Otherwise he is a great pup, who is super smart, and he LOVES to go out. He charges into his vest and likes being out in public with no signs of anxiety except for if there is an unexpected noise.   Crosby is always excited to be out in public, which is nice to see!  Crosby had a pretty laid back beginning of the month, lazing at the office during the day and spending the evenings playing and training. Right before Christmas he got to go visit Heather who lives on a farm! He now has some new buddies to play with and is doing well good on his adventure!

Have a great day!

Submitted By: Allison Soch