Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5625Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5655Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5628Hello Puppy Fans!

It’s me – DASHER from Santa’s Reindeer litter- I’m new to PADS.  I left my mama Tundra and 8 reindeer siblings when I was 9 weeks old.  I got to live my first 2 weeks away from my family in the Beaton household with my brother from a different mother, Rocky and his human family.  I had so much fun with Rocky and experienced so many firsts!  Here’s a rundown…

  • My first movie- Deadpool- it was a good one!
  • Cam & Alex’s elementary school- several times (the kids love me!)
  • IKEA, Superstore & Costco
  • Southcentre mall
  • Hockey and Ringette games
  • Kinjo restaurant
  • Chiropractor’s office
  • My first two baths

Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5604Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5599Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5616Dasher Feb 2016 IMG_5664

A few kids asked if Rocky had lost weight or shrunk when they saw me!  Rocky is pretty handsome- that must mean I’m also handsome.  Actually- Tracy had a tough time picking only a few pictures for this PupDate so I must be incredibly cute!

It’s time for me to move on to a new home.  I sure will miss Rocky (and I know he will miss me and Alex too- she loves me a lot because I am super cuddly!).  The picture of me with a little girl is not Alex- it’s actually my friend Zoe- she took good care of me at school.  The Beatons wish me all the best in my career and hope they get to puppy sit me in the future.

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Dasher, and his “first human puppy sitter”, PADS Volunteer, Tracy Beaton.