DAX is a real puppy at heart! He loves to snuggle on the floor with Rob’s family whenever he gets the chance. He is also very playful which we have been taking advantage of in training so everything he is learning is a game. His love of playtime is a great tool in helping him learn that service skills are fun! He still likes to steal items from various surfaces, although this behavior has not continued in Rob’s house, but does occasionally happen when at a volunteer’s home. When he is not training with Rob or Rob’s advanced training volunteers, Dax loves to have a good romp in the yard or off-leash dog park with training buddies Gatsby, Vimy and Daegan.

  • Skills being learned: Tugging doors open and shut, retrieve intro.
  • Recent field trips: Local community centers, various dog parks and off leash trails, various other training field trips.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Taking items from various surfaces such as beds or tables.
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dax!

Submitted by: Advanced Instructor Rob Mackay