It has been a busy month for me. I went with my hooman when she gave blood. It took a long time, but I was a patient boy and watched to make sure they didn’t hurt her.

It has been so hot this month with hardly any rain. My hooman’s daughter bought me a nice wading pool to keep cool. I love my wading pool, and I keep asking my friend and “brother from another mother” to come in and join me, but he thinks it is too small, and truthfully, I think he is afraid of the water!

When my hooman goes to meet her friend for coffee, I get to have a nice rest! The floor is nice and cool, and I don’t have to do anything! Although it would be nice to have some food drop sometimes, it never does!

I went for a fun assessment called GDBart. I got to go in this room, and there were all kinds of stuff in there. I grabbed a toy off a chair and wanted to play keep away, but no one wanted to play with me ๐Ÿ™

I had a fun class at this big place they call the PNE. I saw a big Bison that I am pretty sure wanted to play with me as he was waging his tail, but I wasn’t allowed to even get close enough to ask him. They had baby pigs that looked like they wanted to play too! We saw a show of big horses riding around, but I preferred to watch these really cool dogs doing all kinds of tricks!

My hooman and I participated in MOVEFORPADS, and we raised $1550.00!

I really enjoyed the month of August! I hope the weather stays this nice for the next month of adventures!

Submitted by:ย Karen Mayo