Well it was a pretty chilled month for me. I did get some new benebones that I shared with my “brother from another mother”.

I had the excitement of going through a car wash. I am not sure I liked it very much, but I didn’t get wet and was happy when we drove out of it!

One of my hooman’s and my nana had a birthday on the same day, and we got to go to The Keg. The smells were so good and we had to walk right by the kitchen. I would have liked to have gone in there, but I wasn’t allowed. I went “in” at the table and was a good boy all through dinner. 🙂

I love relaxing, almost as much as I like to work. I am getting better at many things like perch, go in, chin and my durations are getting a little bit better. We have had some in person classes that I really like cause I get to see all the other dogs!

Submitted by: Karen