Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

My first month in Canada has been so much fun! After Mr. Blake kindly sponsored me and my friends, I turned from a California boy to a Canadian boy. I kickstarted my arrival in BC with an evening out at the Gala. I met so many people and they all gave me so much love and cuddles. Someone even said they liked my puppy breath! That warm BC welcome made the cold BC rain seem less annoying although I’m still not sure about this whole water falling from the sky thing.


A week after I started to get to know my new raisers, one of them had to go away on something called spring break. I’m not sure if it was a break from me or from the thing she always brings back so much paper from but we went to the YVR airport to say bye to her. It was so cool! My raiser gave me so many treats because I laid down and “watched the world go by”. I like watching people because when they look at me they normally tell me I’m cute.

Now that I’m settled I’m working hard to become the best service dog I can be! When my raisers say sit, my butt goes down. When they call “puppy-puppy” I run to them so quickly. Because you know why? They just load my face with kibble! Sometimes I have to readjust and remind them that I’m sitting when they stop asking me to sit. Unfortunately they don’t always give me treats when I do this. They say I’m being demanding, I say I know what I want!

Anyways, my first month in Canada has been so much fun and I can’t wait to explore more now that that water from the sky is going away and the sun is out!

Submitted By: Meghan Cheung