October was a very busy and exciting month for me with so many new experiences. I started it off with an invitation to go to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, which is something I had never done before. I got dressed up in my best bow tie and did try to be on my very best behaviour while I was there. Then, during the Thanksgiving long weekend, some wonderful PADS sitters took me camping and I got to spend three amazing days in the great outdoors! Okay, it was really more “glamping” because at night we slept in a trailer, but I’m a city boy so it definitely counts! At the end of the month when it got close to Halloween, I went with my fellow puppy in-training PADS Benelli to Van Dusen Gardens where we walked around “Glow in the Garden”. There was a lot of flashing lights and funny humans in costumes as well as strange sound effects playing.

I also got to go on a special field trip to YVR, Vancouver International Airport, where I took a special tour with other PADS dogs and BC Guide Dogs in-training. We went through security, walked to a gate, and even got to board an Air Canada plane. Finally, on Halloween, I got dressed up as my very favourite thing in the world – a stuffed Kong! I won a special “most creative” award for my costume and received a chew toy for looking so good.

Oh yeah, I am still going to my puppy classes too! This month, I learned how to properly get on and off an elevator, the difference between standing on the left side of my human (called “heel”) and on the right side of my human (called “side”). I also am trying to learn that sometimes, I have to do stuff like “sit”, “stand”,  and “down” without getting any treats. That is really difficult to do.

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki