Devon went for a long power boat ride from Bowen Island to Gibsons, and wore her new green lifejacket (see photo, Devon on the Left, Summer on the Right in orange). She was very easy to have in the boat since she laid down the whole way, just like she does when we travel in the car, and she catches up on her sleep that way…being lulled by the travelling. Devon and Summer posed at the Persephone in Gibsons (see photo, Devon on Left, Summer on Right) Devon had her “armpits” shaved for her heart ultrasound (see photo). Burquitlam reported that she was so calm and relaxed that she didn’t have to be sedated for the procedure, and as a matter of fact, Devon fell asleep on the examining table during the ultrasound…I guess she thought the belly rubs with the ultrasound wand was a new type of spa treatment LOL

Submitted By: Jeanine Ziolkoski